Innovation in Education Technology

Nov - 06
Innovation in Education Technology

Innovation in Education Technology

Innovation in Education Technology

Innovation in Education Technology: The current educational scenario is strongly influenced and strongly influenced by technology. Technical progress in the field has transformed the learning system to its core. When technology changes in education, innovations approved its evolution, writes Prakash Menon, president, Global Retail Business, NIIT Ltd. by Elets News Network (ENN).

For several years, educational technologies have affected the way students, businesses and professionals want to learn. Investment flows at an unprecedented pace in the EdTech market. Technologies such as virtual classroom, mobile devices, digital music players, video on demand, online courses and cloud-based LMS are delivered continuously by the market and are constantly being developed for innovation. Established businesses at EdTech, entrepreneurs and educational institutions recognize the opportunity to take advantage of innovative products beyond the limits and the development of tools that stifle millennial requirements.

At NIIT, we have adopted innovation since its inception in the training of students through technology education. Ideation and vision of adapting future educational technologies are part of our DNA. Since the introduction of Computer in 1982 to launch the NIIT Cloud Campus in 2013, the momentum of digital transformation has evolved over time with NIIT.

The indigenous education system adapts every time EdTech the format and discovers the joys of learning. One study shows that India has the largest K-12 education system in the world, with over 260 million listings. This is mainly explained by the fact that the Indian construction sector has focused mainly on the development of innovative learning products and promote a better learning experience in primary education.

With the introduction of new tools and technologies, teaching in business and educational and training institutes have benefited greatly. Some big areas where time will witness future development and innovation are:

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

LMS is the platform that offers several educational courses in an organized way with the help of computer programs. The system is used by various educational organizations with different clients online and offline. And this educational ecosystem is a primary goal of technology companies striving for innovation. NIIT Campus Cloud and are the best examples of LMS, which allows thousands of students across the country to pursue a certificate of online courses anytime, anywhere. by NIIT is another exceptional move towards innovative educational technology. It is a multimodal platform NIIT offers several programs for executives and students through online modules and videoconferences. Other global companies such as Tata Elxsi, who created the first reality of installation / Virtual Visualization in early 2000, are also working on designing management systems based on virtual reality learning.

Educational assistance:

Educational assistance technology is deliberately open to innovation. Lectures by teachers worldwide broadcast video on a wide platform. With the arrival of chatbots, real-time assistance and a comprehensive support system, the popularity of educational assistance methods has grown steadily. With innovative approaches to EdTech companies regarding support tools, the transformation of teaching methods and teachers is true. The traditional teacher will soon be a leader, facilitator and innovator with real skills.

Better use of virtual reality

Virtual reality is a new way of accessing education as a real object. Technology leaders like Google, Samsung and HTC are investing heavily in the development of an educational application for virtual reality technology. By integrating virtual reality into education, students can better understand content and complex data can be solved by simple modules.

Virtual reality brings imagination to real life for students. In 2015, Google launched the “Pioneer Expeditions” program has already helped more than one million students from 11 countries to explore the virtual world through Google carton.

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