Come 2018, CBSE will conduct Class 10, Class 12 board exam in February

Nov - 01

Come 2018, CBSE will conduct Class 10, Class 12 board exam in February

Come 2018, CBSE will conduct Class 10, Class 12 board exam in February

CBSE: With the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) taking significant steps in the revaluation process of the Class 12 exams, the Board has recently announced to carry out the revision of the Class 10 and Class 12 board one month before the next year.

This means that CBSE will conduct the Board review in February instead of March.

Why change the old practice of the board?

As TOI reported, the Board took this action to advance the cycle of reviews and related activities from 2018-19 as part of the reforms focused on an “evaluation error.”


In addition, CBSE said that the comprehensive review by the Board review would terminate within a set period of time, 45 days
In general, the board begins class 10 and class 12 exams during the first week of March and ends in April in between.
Speaking about the decision, CBSE President R K Chaturvedi, when speaking to TOI, said he also advanced the date of the statement of results, which usually takes place around the third or fourth week of May.

This is what the president said:

“The inaccesions should start around February 15 and also plan to complete in one month.” Otherwise, it was a head-to-head affair, the president told YOU.

“In April, vacations start and experienced teachers are not available.Therefore, the progress of the evaluation in mid-March will ensure that the best teachers check the response scripts.Otherwise, in April during the holidays, Schools offer us temporary, ad hoc and newly appointed teachers for the evaluation exercise that experienced teachers do not enforce, “said Chaturvedi.


CBSE in the process of re-evaluation:

As for the students’ complaints about evaluation errors in their 12 CBSE class has established two Tuesday committees to study gaps in the evaluation procedure.

“The Board made a quick decision to establish two committees composed of senior officials to discuss issues related to the evaluation process followed,” a senior CBSE official said in the recent PTI report.

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