Video footage shows officer fatally shooting Philando Castile

Oct - 01
Video footage

Video footage shows officer fatally shooting Philando Castile

Video footage shows officer fatally shooting Philando Castile


Video footage: Recently released video shows the encounter between the police and Castile Philando during a traffic stop just before Castilla received seven shots, reported the Washington Post.

What appears to be a spiral brake routine out of control in the second student officer that Castile was in legal possession of a firearm. Previously, the only sequence of the incident public incident came out of the bride of Castile, Diamond Reynolds, who filmed the incident with his mobile phone through Facebook live moments after the shooting of Castilla.

“Sir, I must say I have a gun in me,” Castilla said in the new video, only 30 seconds into the game.

Minnesota police officer Jeronimo Yanez responded with “OK” as he moved toward his gun. “It’s not enough then,” he said. Castile and then told the officer that he did not fire his gun.

“Do not withdraw,” said Yanez. “Do not withdraw” he shouted then pulled his pistol from its sheath and reached the car. “I am not!” Castile replied, while Yanez fired in the car seven seconds after learning that Castile legally carried a firearm.

Last week, Yáñez was acquitted of all charges by a jury, after which thousands of people took to the streets of Minnesota to protest against the decision. According to the Post, Castilla was one of 963 people killed by security forces last year.

“The details of the recording were made public in the court documents and during the trial, but were not publicly visible in the same way as the Facebook Reynolds viral sequences. The video of” script-cam “does not clearly show the movements of Castile Inside the car, “the post said. Two seconds after the shooting, the four-year-old daughter of Castile get out of the car.

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