Joining NDA after 10th STD

Oct - 22
how to join NDA after 10th

Joining NDA after 10th STD

NDA after 10th

Right . Let me tell you that my answer is a bit long. I think NOA is one of the best institutions in India, it’s the best way to join the defense forces, if you intend to be a “commissioned officer”. (For example, most COAS retirees so far are NDA products).

Now I come to your question. Yes, you aspire to be a leader and it is a wonderful profession.

If you can. First let me tell you that it is an exhausting process. Approximately 6 lakhs candidates for the exam and in this 3-4 lakh write the exam. Then select about 6000-9000 for the SSB (the threshold varies every year). If you are selected, you must go through ssb (which is a rigorous, learning and exciting experience. They will do an introspection of everything and will choose the appropriate ones (with all these qualities of leadership, etc.) for the academy. right There are 2 steps in this case, if you meet these 2 and recommend to pass for medical examinations. How to join NDA after 10th In general, after ssb about 500-600 get SSB recommendations, then undergo a medical examination Continue for a week or more where you examine If you are in shape, temporarily incapacitated (provide you with an extension so that you can solve the problem) and definitely not fit, the extension period (one or two months) gives the final results Finally, 350 to 450 cadets (sometimes a little more than that) are selected for the prestigious institution.

Let me tell you about the exam.

Age limit (16.5 – 19.5). It’s actually a stupid or confusing rule. Because you must be less than 19.5 at the time of joining the NDA at the time of the exam. Therefore, you will be under 19 when you write the exam, since the process lasts 7 to 8 months (the day of the exam for which you enroll). Therefore, never make this mistake, thinking that you can write the exam after 19 things. And it is totally useless to write when you are 16.5 – 17.5 because normally, at this age, you will not have the certificate with you. You can attend the exam, just to gain experience.

You should have passed the 12th exam to attend ssb. (The rule has changed for a long time, before the parameter is only 10). Also review the eligibility criteria posted on the UPSC website or on the official NDA website.

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