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WHAT IS MUSIC: Music is different for different people: Ian Skelly, author of the article “Speech of Beauty”, above all, music has a transcendental significance captured in patterns of beauty of nature and architecture – a kind of “frozen music”; In Mark Kidel, author of ‘Conversations and Crosses’ music can connect cultures in a universal ‘conversation’ that surpasses the intellect or reason, but is sincere; To Brian Eno, music brings joy to its unexpected and beautiful; And singers / composers like me and Howard Milner, music – and singing in particular, – lead us to a different world: a world beyond ourselves and the ego; A place of emotion that touches the soul.

I present an overview of the perceptive world of music: it seems to me that the question has no definitive answer, because although music can be defined in mechanistic terms as “What music?” Vibrations are detected by the organ of Corti and assimilated by the cerebral cortex in what we understand, this is still only half the story.

It is no coincidence that the Latin word for breathing – this prerequisite for music – is spiritue because music invokes the spirit in us. It is of the mind and is so universal, otherwise mundane, nebulous and moving freely. What a wonderful gift for humanity.

I always remember, music was an accompaniment to my life. It would be impossible for me even to try to conceptualize a world without music. If you have a natural aptitude and appreciation for it, then the music attracts and simply connects. Watching a baby nodded, clapping and jumping in response to a rhythm or melody.

Songs in particular contain something profoundly elemental. The singer is actually “become” the instrument or vehicle of communication and expression. With the combination of voice, lyrics content and poetic structure, melody, rhythm, hue tonal qualities combine and phrases in the breath, singers can transmit and translate thoughts and feelings, potentially uplifting and transporting the singer and The listener to another kingdom. Music can really take us to another dimension.

Music also tells stories, breaks hearts, reduces us to cry or seduces us to fall in love again and again. Music is a universal language. A human creation from a divine source … maybe.

Music is a mystery, a code. A vehicle of mind and soul. The audience perceives the vibration of sound, the most sublime resonance of the eardrum to the brain. Music is out of our intellect to the heart center.

I am not an “expert” music. I am a lover of music … A discoverer, explorer. Music for me is “potential”. Pure I can do with it. I can communicate with him. Sometimes, if I am open, it surprises me and I move away from myself. Music is a friend, a companion, a guide and a teacher. A challenge, a landscape, a range of colors, textures, shapes. Music is a structure, harmony or dissonance agreed upon.

Music is a culture of all origins; It is the identity and belonging. It is history and invention. Music remembers and forgets. Music is symmetry, rebellion, genius, prodigy, mastery, virtuoso, dazzling, breathing, spell and extraordinary.

A pause for a while to “think” these sounds harp, clarinet, timbal, xylophone, violin, guitar, trumpet, saxophone, sitar, oboe, flute … All of them are very different, but they can be in “listen” to our Head, thinking about them. Then think about the individual styles of different composers – Bach or Debussy, for example. We can make the difference between Vivaldi, Couperin and Telemann – and they also have unique “sounds”. But what led them to compose? How could Mozart play with such brilliance at the age of four? What created Miles Davis? These are the deepest questions that remain unanswered.

Other questions should be asked: what is wind, or a trickle trickle? Can this also be a form of music? A car slamming, baby crying, footprints, whispers, a crackling wood fire, animal sounds, city sounds, bar conversations, the roar of a football crowd, a familiar voice, ocean, The song of the birds in the early morning … are these sounds of music to the ears?

How did the music feel? Does not it make you wistful? Which leads you to your inner landscape? How a musical weapon can she talk

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