10 Important Hockey Rules

Sep - 16
10 Important Hockey Rules: A youth hockey coach does not want to put players on ice until they become familiar with hockey rules.

10 Important Hockey Rules

10 Important Hockey Rules

10 Important Hockey Rules: A youth hockey coach does not want to put players on ice until they become familiar with hockey rules. This will promote a safe playing environment.

USA Hockey rules demand that coaches do not strengthen focus, but they teach hockey skills and instruct players to play by the rules. Here are 10 important American hockey rules make sure that young people learn the sport:

Keep the stick. It all starts with a beginner player for the proper development of a hockey stick. The use by a player of his hockey stick is limited to playing the disc and not having an unfair advantage against an opponent’s body. The club can not be used to prevent the progress of another player.

Broken stick. A player with a broken stick should fall and remain on the ice without a stick until there is a break from play. You can take part in the action once you dropped the stick. A minor penalty will be imposed for a violation of this hockey rule. During a game stop, an attacker or defender may go to the bank to get a replacement stick, but the goalkeeper must have a replacement stick.

Different sanctions. A penalty of two minutes or minor bank, while a major penalty is five minutes. One sentence of misconduct over a period of 10 minutes, however, unlike other penalties, a replacement player is immediately allowed on the ice while serving. A Party penalty means that the player is eliminated from the game and draw a suspension. During a penalty, the maximum number of players on a team may be down is two. A delayed sanction, which is served after the execution of other sanctions, is used when additional sanctions are imposed on a team.

Combat. Do not let your players make professional player mistakes. A major penalty will be assessed for any player fighting for a youth hockey game. An additional minor penalty will evaluate any player who starts or starts the bout. A penalty for misconduct will be imposed on any player or goalkeeper who is the first to intervene in an altercation that is already in progress.

High resistance pen. The use of a hockey stick above normal shoulder height is prohibited and subject to penalty.

Fold target. The purpose of the fold is a privileged area for goalkeepers and players can not load or check the hay. A goalkeeper, meanwhile, can not make a trip, reduce or throw another player near the goal.


Illegal check Coaches youth check insurance. There is no check behind an opponent, using the end of the end of the stick or check with both hands on the stick when no part of the stick on the ice.

Face Off. One player on each team is a shock. No other player will be allowed to enter the fighting circle during a showdown.

Get a hockey kick. Kick the disc will be allowed in all areas; However, a goal is not allowed if the disc has been thrown by an attacking player and entered the goal, either directly or after being diverted to any player including the goalkeeper.

Outside the sides. Players of an attacking team must not precede the disc in the attack zone. However, a player who actually drives and possession and control the disc crosses the line before the disc is considered outboard. A garden crime takes a confrontation.

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